The Italian Festival 2022
                     Booth Rules and Regulations

1. Name of organization must be on check. No refunds for booth fees since this is a non-profit function.
 2. Organizations can start erecting booths on April 15, 2022.  Trailer mounted booths April 17, 2022
 3. Booth must pass inspection for:
    a. Meeting the deadline for erecting booth, which is Tuesday afternoon April 19, 2022. (Three days before festival).
    b. Electrical wiring and electrical system to handle proper voltage (proper size breakers) from your booth to 
        electrical pole.​
    c. Clean, neat, presentable and freshly painted booth
    d. Proper size of booth (measure from the front, including the tongue if on a trailer, to the very back). No exceptions 
       ​will be made. A $25.00 fee per foot will be added. 
    e. Only (3) three food items shall be sold in each booth.
    f. Price, quantity and quality of food served.
    g. Deadline for removing booth is the Sunday of May 8, 2022 or cleaning deposit will not be returned.
 4. Must not change prices of foods during festival without authorized approval.
 5. Food not listed on application CAN NOT be sold from applicant’s booth. 
 6. Booths will sell out of front only --- NO SOLICITING on festival grounds will be allowed unless approved by the
    ​ festival board.
 7. Complementary Tickets will be redeemed for no more than $1.00 each. Please note this in your booth with a sign
     ​for your workers.
 8. Each booth shall supply the queen with a complementary meal. (A special ticket will be used for this meal).
​ 9. Persons in charge of booth during festival are accountable for rules and regulations compliance.
10. Money Responsibility:
      a. Each booth is responsible for collection and deposits of their own monies.
      b. Limited change (money) will be provided by festival.
11. Plastic garbage bags must be used for garbage.
12. Each booth organization is responsible for clean-up inside and outside their booth. This should cover a 5 foot area 
      ​around your booth including 10 foot area in the back of the booth, or FORFEIT CLEANING DEPOSIT.
13. Booths will officially open SATURDAY April 23, 2022 and SUNDAY, April 24, 2022. BOOTHS MAY BE OPEN FRIDAY
      ​NIGHT April 22, 2022.
14. Booths will open 8 am SATURDAY and close at 11 pm. Booths will open 10 am SUNDAY and close at 6 pm.
      ​Failure will result in non-renewal guarantee.
15. Booths must display name of organization only, NO ADVERTISEMENTS.
16. No P/A system or any form of recorded messages or music is allowed in ANY booth. Ice chest containing personal
      ​food or beverages will strictly be prohibited.
17. To obtain a booth in the Italian Festival, an organization must be a non-profit, civic or service organization.
      ​Said organization must have been established for at least a three (3) year period prior to this year’s festival.
18. Booth placement on the Festival Grounds will be determined by:
      a. Electrical needs
      b. Size of booth
      c. Approval by the Board of Directors
19. Booths must be run by members of the renting organization and manned at all times by said members.
20. No raffle tickets can be sold on festival grounds unless booth fee is paid for that purpose and approved by the
      ​board of directors.

21. No booth can serve or give away drinks of any kind in BOTTLES, GLASS or CANS. Only one booth will be allowed to
      ​sell water and soft drinks.
23. Applications and booth fee for existing booths must be returned by February 28, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS or 
      ​booth will ​be forfeited and placed on open status.
24. Any organization that participates in the festival this year has first priority on that identical booth next year,
      ​provided the application and booth fee are in by the deadline set by the Board of Directors. This priority is
      ​further conditioned on the application containing a description of the quantity and quality of the foods to be
      ​delivered and price of foods to be delivered. Quantity, quality and price must be fair according to majority vote of
      ​the Board of Directors.
25. Any violation of booth rules as denoted on this application for the year the violation occurred shall cause
      ​the organization to be subject to a fine up to $300.00, suspended for one year, or for permanent discontinuation
     ​ of participation in the Festival.
26. Booths must be completed, painted and ready for inspection on Tuesday  April 19, 2022. Booths must
     ​ be taken down and removed from grounds by May 8, 2022 or cleaning fee will be forfeited.
27. Booths should be painted before bringing to the grounds with a brush or roller. NO SPRAYING WILL BE ALLOWED
      ​​on the grounds.
28. No duplication of any food item. Once an item is sold in one booth, it cannot be sold in another booth.
29. Booths that use electricity for purposes other than lighting, must have a type ABC fire extinguisher visibly
      mounted and placed in their booths.

30. No cooking under fabric or plastic overhead coverings.
31 Booth entrances must be located in rear of booths. No space will be allowed for side entrances, air conditioners
     ​or fans. All venting must be to the rear.